Tuesday, 2 February 2016

PizzAah! – India’s 1st Wood ‘Fired’N’Smoked’ Gourmet Pizza Delivery Chain Launched In Mumbai

Pizza lovers in Mumbai can now have their pizza the way it was meant to be had. With the launch of PizzAah! – Mumbai’s latest pizza chain, not only can diners satiate their taste buds in wood-fired and smoked flavours but also, can have them delivered at their doorstep

They have developed a state of the art oven and custom tweaked it to create authentic wood fired and smoked flavour. A distinctive formula of ingredients, along with a specially developed high heat cooking process, was conceived to ensure that pizzas don’t get soggy even as it retained its aroma, flavour and gourmet taste.

I visited Cafe Lager, where PizzAah! has been soft launched for dine-in as well as delivery. They are planning to launch the company’s first dark kitchen in Andheri by the end of the month, and ten retail outlets by the end of June.

I ordered two medium crust pizzas in Non-veg, i.e Carnivore and Barcelona.
Barcelona was a bit spicy, and a little tangy as well. Barcelona is a harmonious medley of red paprika, jalapenos,green chillies and pepper. Carnivore had chicken sasuage, salami,mutton sekh and red paprika toppings. What I noticed is that it was less oily compared to other brands' pizzas. 

The crust is not thin crust,but just on the edge of it, with nice crisp taste. The pizza has a distinct taste,a subtle hint of smoky flavour because of the way it is cooked. I tried their garlic bread also, which was ok.

I also took a pizza home, and amazingly even after 1hour, it didn't turn soggy! 

The toppings can be customised as per one’s gastronomic cravings. Keeping in mind the growing health consciousness of the city PizzAah! plans to soon offer whole wheat and gluten free options. The bases are made of preservative-less dough with high quality sauces and cheese and carefully sourced vegetables and meat.

Overall amazing pizza, at a great price, I would definitely recommend 'Pizzaah!'


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