Saturday, 27 February 2016

Skirt and Plaid

This is a super casual and super comfy outfit! This is my go-to outfit while running errands or  just a walk in the park! Instead of pairing a cute top with this maxi-skirt , I wore this flannel shirt and these sneakers completed my look . These white sneakers have become part of my everyday outfit !They are one of the most comfortable shoes ever, I could walk in them all day!


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Saturday, 20 February 2016

She lives life in her own little fairytale

Bringing out my inner goddess in this slit gown and flash tattoos from Accessorize India.  And this daisy headpiece just completes my look. This could be my look for a music festival- young, vibrant and fun! Enjoy the photos!!

Photography: Igota3rdeye

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Stalk Buy Love

8 Mind boggling magnetic fashion trends for 2016!
A walkthrough of fashion is a rainbow of our creative persona and sky of comfort level. To bring the fashion zest in full swing, the online shopping for women does offers you with the plethora of options. When we talk about the world of women’s fashion, the creativity and art of fashion is boundless. Fashion shopping online is impeccable when it comes to staying in trend with the modern trends and style zest at bare minimum prices. Here are few Fashion shopping options that are as follows:-
Chic makes rules, they don’t follow it:-
  1. Smart Shift dresses: - With the love fever high on rise, the smart shift dresses do make you look like god’s send angel for your special one. Online shopping for women do gives charismatic options for shopping from maxi dresses, off shoulder dress, alluring short dresses, and back pattern dresses etc. Right from monochromatic prints to nature inspired prints to geometric patterns are available in women’s fashion. The neat and cool combination of colours is available with tugged finest designs.

  1. Retro fervour Dungarees: - The retro style is new cool for urban youth, the denim dungarees are perfectly new cool of fashion, pertaining to summer you could also avail cotton dungarees. Online shopping for women is the new way to grab cool and contemporary style, without affecting your present schedule.

  1. Tops: - Tops are versatile and can be paired right with anything and everything, therefore they are must have in every feminine beauty list. Women’s fashion do have trending range of colours like olive green, bold red, mystic pink, divine white and much more that could be teamed right on every casual or semi casual occasions. The patterns in sleeves and different hemlines do make indigenous fashion statement for every fashion beauty.

Sovereign of fashion fervour:-
The empress of fashion starts with you, this year if your resolution is to be uber chic, then online shopping for women collection has amazing options that are worth trying this season:-
Coords: - The irresistible cords are available in different sizes; more than anything they are more comfortable like a second skin. Girls if you have got right figure, then simple classic cords could be one of the best option to rock in formal meeting to nail the perfect look.
Skirts: - The souvenir of creativity is moving from classic plains to digital prints, you could opt for Skirts having digital prints.
Ruffles and frills: - The normal buttoned shirt has simply revamped look, the ruffles and frills are gaining maximised attention by the modern urban youth.
The long sleeves or sleeveless jackets: - The oversized jacket with the pairing of crop top, off shoulder tops. The luminous advantage of buying them is that they do work wonders in summers and winters. In jackets, the tie patterns are simply making our look robust and edgy
Funky shots: - Nothing can beat the tempo of weekends, the funky shots are best way to amp up your mood.

 When Cupid of love is just tickling our mind with happy thoughts in this love month, we can adopt attire with the prominence of heart shaped prints and classic red colours. The strokes of paint or various abstract colours are worth a try for sobo chic attire. Zest up your wardrobe with different pop of color, remember fashion is ever changing, and so remain stylish always with cool swag. Remember accessorizing right could make your look feel complete and different. The online store does also serve you right with the easy dressing option on the go!

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Restaurant Review: Gurukripa, Powai

I got to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Gurukripa located at Powai, Mumbai. Gurukripa is a hidden gem, located amidst an industrial area, but once you enter the place, you will be amazed by the interior. The restaurant has different seatings, a family AC room on the ground floor, a rooftop arrangement, an outer seating arrangement and 3 private dining room section  for a private dining experience.
I chose the rooftop section, which had live music, DJ and a big screen which was an added bonus!
I was welcomed with a Mango mocktail, which was yummy, it had a thick consistency, a very good start to our dinner. 

Starters included Kurkure Mushrooms: which was the best, even though it is a veg dish, I absolutely loved it. Next I had Kung Pao Potato, which was French fries sautéed in Chinese sauce, which again was yummy. In chicken starters we tried,  Tandoori Chicken, Banjara Kebab and Burnt Pepper Chicken. Banjara Kebab was the bestest among these. Its a must try dish.

For Main course I tried Butter Chicken with Roti,  Butter Chicken was creamy, had good amount of chicken pieces, it was a bit too sweet for my taste, but nevertheless it was good.
Dessert: I tried the famous Gadbad ice-cream and Hello to the Queen, Gadbad ice-cream is a Mangalorean invention, it’s mixture of 3 different flavors of ice-cream with fruits and dry fruits. Hello to the Queen is a mixture of Vanilla ice-cream and frozen chocolate layer with some dry fruits. Both were tasty, and I would suggest anyone visiting here to try either of these desserts.

In drinks I tried Mojito and JagerBomb, both were good as expected.

In short I had a very good dining experience at Gurukripa, the food is awesome, the ambience and service both were upto the mark.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

PizzAah! – India’s 1st Wood ‘Fired’N’Smoked’ Gourmet Pizza Delivery Chain Launched In Mumbai

Pizza lovers in Mumbai can now have their pizza the way it was meant to be had. With the launch of PizzAah! – Mumbai’s latest pizza chain, not only can diners satiate their taste buds in wood-fired and smoked flavours but also, can have them delivered at their doorstep

They have developed a state of the art oven and custom tweaked it to create authentic wood fired and smoked flavour. A distinctive formula of ingredients, along with a specially developed high heat cooking process, was conceived to ensure that pizzas don’t get soggy even as it retained its aroma, flavour and gourmet taste.

I visited Cafe Lager, where PizzAah! has been soft launched for dine-in as well as delivery. They are planning to launch the company’s first dark kitchen in Andheri by the end of the month, and ten retail outlets by the end of June.

I ordered two medium crust pizzas in Non-veg, i.e Carnivore and Barcelona.
Barcelona was a bit spicy, and a little tangy as well. Barcelona is a harmonious medley of red paprika, jalapenos,green chillies and pepper. Carnivore had chicken sasuage, salami,mutton sekh and red paprika toppings. What I noticed is that it was less oily compared to other brands' pizzas. 

The crust is not thin crust,but just on the edge of it, with nice crisp taste. The pizza has a distinct taste,a subtle hint of smoky flavour because of the way it is cooked. I tried their garlic bread also, which was ok.

I also took a pizza home, and amazingly even after 1hour, it didn't turn soggy! 

The toppings can be customised as per one’s gastronomic cravings. Keeping in mind the growing health consciousness of the city PizzAah! plans to soon offer whole wheat and gluten free options. The bases are made of preservative-less dough with high quality sauces and cheese and carefully sourced vegetables and meat.

Overall amazing pizza, at a great price, I would definitely recommend 'Pizzaah!'