Friday, 9 November 2012

Review: "Pizza By The Bay"

           I along with a friend ,was invited to do a restaurant review of one the oldest & iconic restaurant located at Churchgate.

          The restaurant goes by the name "Pizza By The Bay",owned & operated by Mars Group. It was started back in 1968. Back then it went by the name "Talk of the Town"


          We started with Spicy Chicken Melt, its a kind of pizza ,which was yummy !

Next we were served "Scampi E Avocado" , -the prawns on it was the best I'v ever tasted. It was followed by "Calamari Fritti" ,it is basically Fried Squids.

We moved on to salad next-"Smoked Chicken Salad", don't miss out on this one  when you visit here.

We tried  "Pasta Alfredo with Chicken", just loved the chicken thingy,but not a big fan of the pasta.

The one dish "Pizza By The Bay" is famous for is "The Bombay Masala", which is basically thin crust pizza with lots of chatpata masala on it. Totally worth the type!! Tastes Yumm!

   Below is "Gamberoni" , under "Pizza Da Vinci" , the speciality of this pizza is it's one of the thinnest crust pizza.

      To compliment the food we were served wines,I went for White Wine,while my friend tried Red Wine,the alcohols served were under the USL brand 
I decided to try cocktail named "Pinky VS Merlot", this is a mixture of Pinky vodka and Merlot syrup with a hint of Ginger Juice.
Pinky VS Merlot

   We finished off  with desserts.We were served "Pizza Apricot" - a kind of sweet pizza slice, "Cheese Cake"- it just melts as soon as you place it in your mouth,was perfect!
"Tiramisu" - ( Italian Dessert) is to die for, layers of biscuits & cheese dusted with coffee.


Here are my faves & I highly recommend trying these:

♥Bombay Masala
♥Smoked Chicken Salad
♥Scampi E Avocado
♥ Tiramisu
♥Cheese Cake

  Do try these when you visit this restaurant,I promise you wont regret it!


   The restaurant is divided into AC & non AC. The best part of this place is the sea view. Very classy place to hangout with your friends ,family.A fabulous place for a dinner-date.

   Service: Very friendly people & quick service.

My Rating: 9/10 for Food, Liquor & Ambiance.

Visit the website for more details:
Checkout their Facebook Page for regular updates & Contests :
Beverage: USL Brands




  1. Everything looks so delicious!

  2. It's such a fun place to drop in at ! I love their chicken pot pizza and their pasta alfredo! Best enjoyed with a seat by the window and your boyfriend ;)

  3. Wow, this look sooo deliciou! Not very healthy but yummy :-)


  4. Yum-yum! Great post.
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  5. such a gastronomic experience! thank you for sharing your review!

  6. Super yummy!

  7. delicious! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  8. those dishes look so delicious! great shots xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. I simply adore this place! The prices are steep, but the food and ambiance are unmatched!

    Great to see a blog from another Mumbai Girl.

    Shubhi's Revels!

    Shubhi'sRevels! on Facebook

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  11. yummyyyyy!!! :)

  12. Mmmmm!the cocktail looks delicious


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