Saturday, 20 October 2012

Four Seasons Wine tasting event @ Veda

      "He who loves not Wine,Women & Song remains a fool his whole life long" -Johann Heinrich Voss – I so agree with this quote!

      An amazing weekend coupled with wine,food & wonderful people!

      Few of us bloggers were invited to this amazing wine tasting event organized by Four Seasons Wine, at a wonderful restaurant-  Veda

      We were explained the entire history of Wine making,how to recognize a good wine,what kind of food to pair with a particular wine…
The entire session was very informative.

       The food being served were amazing..So was the ambiance of the restaurant :D

       In a nutshell , Wine+ Food+Bloggers=Incredible & High Spirited Weekend  :)

      Take a look at some of the photos:

What Im wearing: Bird Print blouse+ Cobalt blue trousers+black wedges & quilted sling bag