Monday 24 April 2017

Mom-Jeans,Vodka and Stilettos

Once considered unfashionable & unflattering, mom-jeans are all the rage now! I couldn’t be happier! because there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of mom-jeans!

I, like many of you, was hesitant to try on these pants.I mean who wants to go out in a pair of baggy ,ill-fitting pants right!?! Well, I proved myself wrong when I tried on a pair,and couldn’t stop admiring myself in the mirror. I agree that they make my behind look flatter,but who cares!

Styling mom-jeans is quite simple-just pair it with your favourite t-shirt or a dressy top. Sneakers & stilettos, both works well with these jeans.

This graphic t-shirt I am wearing today is from Printoctopus, an online store selling customized merchandise. T-shirt for Men and Women,phone covers, posters,canvas prints,mouse pads -anything can be customized as per your choice.

I chose to wear stilettos instead of sneakers & added these silver drop earrings to complete my look.


So are you ready to embrace mom jeans? Comment below! 

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Sunday 23 October 2016

Button Down Maxi Dress

Have you ever seen an outfit on a celebrity and wished if someone could create an exact replica for you? What if I told you there is a website which does that?!! Exciting right! Clevoria is a website where you can upload photograph of any outfit you like, give your measurements and thats all,you just have to wait for your outfit to arrive! I stumbled upon a purple front slit maxi dress on Pinterest, and instantly fell in love with it. I uploaded the image on Clevoria, and their team did a fantastic job of creating this masterpiece.

The fabric, the fit , the color everything is perfect! Exactly as I wanted it to be.

Go checkout Clevoria , an make your dream outfit come true!

Photography: Igota3rdeye x Kevin Christo

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Thursday 13 October 2016

Pink Blazer and a date!

This is what I wore to a recent lunch date. I wanted to wear something non fussy and easy to manage.Something which didn't require my constant attention! Since it is a lunch date, you can wear something which is not OTT, nothing with too much bling nor jazzy. Try to keep your accessories minimal. And in makeup, if you are wearing a bright lipstick,play down on your eye-makeup,and vice-versa. Whatever you wear make sure you are comfortable in it.

An all white outfit was the first thing that came to my mind, so I paired my all time favorite white shorts and a basic white tee with an off-white Lavie bag .Finished off with a pair of heels for a dressier look, & added few minimalistic jewelery from Kayesha. Still my outfit seemed incomplete,a bit too laid back for a date.I was looking for something to complete my look, raided my wardrobe and chanced upon this baby-pink blazer. I had forgotten this beauty inside pile of clothes. A pop of color was just what this outfit demanded.  And this pink blazer did just that.My date turned up in relaxed chinos and a polo t-shirt. So here's a simple look for a romantic date.

Photography: Igota3rdeye

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Friday 30 September 2016

What to wear this Diwali!

With Dusshera and Diwali fast approaching, the one thing I am excited about is shopping! I am sure many of us can't wait to dress up in colorful Indian wear and enjoy the festivities!

Though shopping is fun, Mumbai's traffic makes it a taxing task ! With little time to shop, I am worried about wasting whatever little time I've got  getting slogged through traffic.
This is one of the reasons I prefer online shopping .
Online shopping sites are a blessing for us lazy bunch . Infact I prefer to shop online rather than going to the malls,  they save so much of my time and energy-so why not!

With festivals just around the corner,  here are few tips on What To Wear this festive season:

For those who would prefer to stick to the traditional way, these are few outfits I would suggest:

Saree : You can never go wrong with a sari. This season is all about pastels and subtle designs, try a saree in peach,mint, lavender or camel color with a hint of shimmer or sparkle. Pair it with a boat-neck blouse,add a piece of jewelry or two and you are good to go! Handloom silk sarees are   making a come back. So raid your mom's or grandmom's wardrobe,I'm sure you'll find a good saree in there!

Lehenga Choli: Again I have been seeing a lot of pastel coloured lehengas of late - on the ramps, at the weddings, on Instagram-they are everywhere! It's good to see brides  ditching the traditional colors and trying on fresh colors and design.  Apart from Pastels, you can try something in purple,blue, canary yellow and deep pink.

Kurta, Anarkali, Pakistani Salwar Suits: Again go for bright colours, steer clear of reds and maroons, and make sure that the style and design suits your body type. Don't go for anything too heavy and gaudy. Keep it simple. Add on a heavy jewellery if you think your outfit is too simple.

 Apart from these traditional outfits, I would suggest mixing and matching Indian wear with western wear, like pairing a kurta with a maxi skirt, sari with a crop top or better yet, with a printed shirt! Dhoti pants go well with a crop top, or wear it with a solid t-shirt and a waistcoat. Pair wide-legged pants with a kurta or a kurti.

Coming to accessories, silver jewellery is making a splash this season, coin neck-pieces, jhumkas,silver bangles, earrings, anklets or payal as we call it, try wearing one or two from these and you sure will stand out from the rest.

At the end of the day, make sure you are comfortable in what you wear ,after all style is all about what comfort.
 Let me know what are your planning to wear this Diwali in the comments below.

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