Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm a stranger on this road!

     Heya Ladies :)) A new post after sooo long!! I am enjoying the pleasant cold  weather here in Mumbai.Although its not too cold to be wrapped up in woollens,(though I wish I could  strut in trench coat & boots) ,but I'm not complaining!!! Masala Chai at a local tapri (street stall) is what I am craving right now! 

    And on a good note I have started eating healthy -by healthy I mean timely meals & I have somewhat cut down on junk/fast foods. To cut down junk food totally is impossible for me-so I allow myself a treat once a week!!Also I've started doing yoga & walking-which I hate the most! Hope to lose atleast 3kgs.

    I've put on my fave torn jeans,paired with a baggy cream top, layered chains and loafers.Checkout the pics:

Fishtail Braids!
  Thanks for reading!
  Kisses ♥