Saturday, 26 October 2013

Online Shopping:

        Hello lovely ladies..with festivals nearing I'm sure you all are on lookout for new shopping sites, I want to introduce to you an online shop with amazing collection of clothes & accessories "PersunMall"  !!

       This site is one of my personal favourite, they have all the latest trends at a pretty affordable rate.
I have put up some of my favourite from their website.

   Have you ever shopped from Persunmall?? Do let me know your experience with Persun below!!

Have a happy,blessed & safe Diwali :)

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

I don't think I've seen your face just glow Like a neon sign...

        I have always wanted to try maxi dresses & skirts since a long time..but I was reluctant because of  my short stature . But after seeing some petite bloggers carrying the maxi trend with √©lan, I decided to give it a try.

       The most important thing petite girls should follow is do wear a good heels with a maxi dress/skirt, this will give you the appearance of looking taller. Just add on some accessories and you are good to go!

Tassel neckpiece from Addons

      Talking about accessories, I stumbled upon this amazing online shop "Addons". They have quite a collection of stylish accessories at an affordable price. This pretty green tassel chain I'm wearing is from Addons . I'm absolutely in love with this lovely piece :) Well I have ordered few more jewelry from them aswell..I'll reveal them in my next posts!

     For all those reluctant to order can visit their flagships stores at  Mumbai & Thane & they have outlets all over India.

Do check their site for some stylish extensive collection of affordable accessories Addons 
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Photography: Priyanka Shetty

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Online Shopping:My experience with

     I would love to introduce to you all my new love, this  "Amethyst Pendant" from an online shop  ""  . I have been flaunting this necklace almost everywhere & this beauty seems to be everyone's  favourite :)
Ain't she a beauty?!

The Clasp

Lab Certification

Here's a brief introduction about the website: is a leading provider of loose gemstones, and colored gemstone jewelry on the Internet .At, you will find a wide array of natural coloured gemstones - both precious stones (like Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Natural Pearl, etc.) and semi-precious stones (like Amethyst, Topaz, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, etc.). They have 40 different types of gemstone categories online and this number is set to increase every month. 

You have the option to buy loose gemstones, or with the jewelry of your choice,with options ranging from rings,pendants & bracelet.

I chose an amethyst pendant,in design D5, although in the picture it looked beautiful, I was a bit apprehensive how the actual pendant would look . It made me happy that the actual pendant is just as beautiful as shown on the website. The reason I chose amethyst is because of its healing properties,it calms emotional storms,helps in reducing stress. Also I loved the color of this stone! 
Oh BTW the name amethyst is a  greek word, it means a stone that can protect the wearer from intoxication! 

It's difficult to trust online shopping especially when you are buying precious stones, but the good thing about  is that they provide a free lab certification, which is a proof of the stone's authenticity. 

If you are thinking of buying precious & semi-precious stones, do head over to 

You can visit them at :

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