Saturday, 4 June 2016


To buy Latest dresses and stay updated has always been one of my favorite hobbies. But due to tight work schedules and household chores, I hardly get time to check the newest dresses for women portrayed on runways and fashion magazines.

After marriage, the responsibilities take over your dreams and desires, as I was no exception, the same started happening to me. My work-life balance took over and the resulting effects were evident to my husband even. Seeing the same, the day was not far when I had to hear some disturbing comments from him. He said once, "You do not look the same whom I married".

Listening to the same, I got furious initially, but without uttering a single word I realized that he was right. It was never about the time that I could not get for myself, it was all about the time I did not pay to myself. Without any offense, I took his comments positively and made it a point to explore the fashion shopping websites for 15 minutes on a daily basis before hitting the bed.

Whoa!!!! What a relief... Those 15 minutes of a daily routine started giving me the pleasure of mind which I lost somewhere during my routine. The time literally made me remind all my golden days back from my teenage life. Seeing the latest dresses online motivated me much more to get back into shape, staying contented and making my family even happier. Even he started appreciating me again and started offering me much more personal expenditure than earlier so that I could buy a few dresses for women and update my wardrobe with the latest dresses and updated collection.

It took me a couple of days to understand the newest collection and to see what suits my body type and how can I carry them. But once I understood it, the diva within me came alive.

The very first thing that caught my eyes were maxi dresses. It wasn't that I haven't tried maxi dresses before, but it had been quite a long since I wore them. Since then, the styles and patterns in maxi dresses have changed a lot and it was high time to try the spaghetti styles and off shoulder trends in striped and abstract versions of maxi dresses. So without giving it a second thought, I bought one classy sky blue cotton maxi dress for myself which I planned to adorn on the weekend to the beach. The vacation was already planned with the family so thought of surprising my husband in the same.

Finally, the weekend came, I decked up myself in the maxi dress, embellished the overall ensemble with my pearl jewelry and white flip flops, me beach hat and tote bag. The moment I stepped out of my dressing room, his eyes popped out and was floored seeing me in the reincarnated avatar. What else I needed, getting back into my own version and seeing him elated as earlier was something that made me feel as if my mission got accomplished. Hurray!!!!

Since then, I have got accustomed to seeing the dresses for women at bedtime. In fact, the best part is that even he is much more interested in choosing the same for me, he stays awake with me during the time, explores the websites along with me and helps me choosing the latest dresses for various events and occasions.

I feel the spark has come back not only to me, but also has spiced up my married life in a much better way. The online shopping websites and my willpower actually helped me a lot in reinventing my appearance in a new spark.

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