Sunday, 15 July 2012

How To Style High-Waist Shorts

High waisted shorts are proving to be an extremely popular item of clothing this
summer, with their versatility and fun nature making them a hit with anyone who
wants to exude sexy sophistication.

With Flat Shoes

Whether you are walking to the beach, picking the kids up from school or taking the
dog for a walk in the park, there are certain occasions when no other shoes will do
except a pair of flats.

High waist shorts look great with flat shoes and create a casual look with a tad of
glamour. Flat shoes and shorts look particularly good if you’ve been lucky enough to
be blessed with a long pair of legs. But those on the shorter end of the scale should
look towards low wedges or plain shoes with a small, flat heel.

With High Heels

If it is ultimate glamour you are after then wearing this style of shorts with a pair of
high heels radiates beauty, sophistication and sexiness: the perfect combination for a
summer’s night out!

High heels can also give the illusion of longer legs and, when worn with a pair of
shorts, can be the perfect way to elongate shorter legs. Adjust your top to the situation
or event and, if conscious about baring your legs entirely, then wear your shorts with
sheer tights.

With Knee-High Boots

Shorts and boots can look great when worn together and, providing the weather isn’t
too hot, will offer both comfort and style. When worn with a stylish pair of knee-high
boots, high waisted shorts exude sexiness and are sure to make an impression.

Tuck In

Shirts look great with shorts, creating a subtle business/clubbing look. To make the
most of your shorts, ensure that you tuck the shirt in so that the details on the high
waist are really shown off.

Simple Tops

High waisted shorts can look best when worn with simpler, less fussy tops such as
tank tops, or plain snugly fitted t-shirts.

If you don’t feel confident showing off your tummy but are keen to wear a cropped
top, high waisted shorts can be the perfect way to disguise this area.

With Swimwear

Just when you thought your multi-faceted high waisted shorts could not be worn on
any other occasion, we’ll let you into a secret – this style of shorts looks great with
swimwear too, making them perfect for striding down to the beach!

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