Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Outfit: Back to College

My outfit today is perfect for college going girls.It is simple ,no-fuss and easy to put together.
I am wearing a pair of blue high-waist jeans and a striped knit crop-top. For ladies who commute to college by trains and buses,I would recommend wearing something similar to this outfit,as it is not only easy to carry off,but also look cute at the same time.

A pair of well fitted jeans in 2 shades, couple of basic t-shirts and one or maybe two flannel shirts are few of the basic pieces you should have in your wardrobe. You can easily experiment by mixing and matching,layering outfits and by adding few accessories like scarfs,jewelry or a hat! Thong-sandals, Ballet flats and sneakers are few of the must haves in footwear! You can try simple ballet flats like the one I am wearing in this post. These nude flats are from Tedish. These are fully lined in leather. A perfect combination of comfort and style.

Tedish is an online website selling luxury footwear. Headquartered in Paris,they work with top talents to ideate and bring out the most stunning luxury footwear designs. You can check more of their collection at Tedish.com . 

Photography: Igota3rdeye

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  1. Cute outfit. I like your jeans. They look really good on you!

    And yes...this outfit is perfect for college. It's simple but still stylish :)

    xo Azu


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