Wednesday, 13 July 2016

White Lies..

While it is interesting to be dressed in colorful outfits, once a while try to adopt the understated style.
Choose a single color, and try wearing it from top to bottom! That is exactly what I have done in today, I chose white and wore it from top to bottom!

Although wearing white in monsoon is certainly not a great idea, I would still recommend it, if you can take care of your clothes!

You can rock the understated elegant look, by mixing and matching black, white and nudes. You can also experiment with pastels. The aim is to choose subtle colors and patterns and to keep away from anything which screams for attention.
I am wearing a kurta from Shakumbhari as a top, white denim shorts and white sneakers. I have worn anklet/Payal as a neck-piece and fake roses in my braids.

Shakumbhari is a women’s clothing brand which was started in 2007, embracing the femininity and ethnicity of Indian women, they have created a wide range of ethnic and western wear.

Hope you liked my look!

Photography: Igota3rdeye

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  1. great outfit ! :)

  2. Great pictures :)
    I hesitate in wearing all white though :| :| But you are pulling it off really well.


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