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There is no occasion without crop tops!

When it comes to my birthday the first thing that comes into my mind is to look special as it comes only once a year.

Yesterday when I was looking for my birthday dress, I could not find anything according to the latest fashion for women even though the wardrobe was full of clothes. Who wants to wear the same old boring dresses for the occasion where everyone’s eye is on you?

The very next decision that I took after trying every possible thing was to do online shopping to get something that could be everything for me. While looking for the latest fashion for women, I saw plenty of crop tops teamed so elegantly that I took out all those I had from my wardrobe collection.
Crop tops   gives you a chance to flaunt your body’s most sensuous part in a very versatile manner, which even fetches a million compliments. With the temperature rising at an alarming rate in the summer, crop tops are a day saver from the heat. Madonna, Britney and Christina have nailed the carpet many times with the way they put crop tops, but no one can beat  Kendall Jenner’s interesting way that is beyond our imagination.

As they say, “If you have it, you will you flaunt it”. Since you have a sexy midsection and love handles, then why not to show it? Holidays are coming and you cannot miss the exquisite look to spell your magic. It will be an understatement if I say that crop tops make you charming and delightful. Many people do not appreciate wearing crop tops, but haters are going to hate and that does not mean your personal style should suffer a bit. We ladies have a strong power to encourage radiant styles and tend to make everyone fall for us.
Do not get disappointed because Stalkbuylove will provide you the latest fashion for women   in the world of crop tops for every occasion and since the festive season is approaching, you cannot afford the chance to look a little less. The major problem is that everyone is bored pairing crop tops with denims or skirts and one really needs to think out of the box for the rocking festive season.
Here are some of the looks you want to steal away for your favourite occasions.

Diwali brings another level of enthusiasm and for a diva look go for an embroidery full sleeve crop top revealing your belly button in the most appropriate manner with a plain lehenga to grab millions of compliments. You can accessorize it with an eye catching maang teeka and a bindi for a more feminine look or you can go for a traditional neck piece and bangles. Also, a little makeup won’t hurt and a perfectly tied bun is all you need.
If you are not really a lehenga fan, you can opt for a high neck crop top with a plain palazzo with dazzling earrings for a ravishing look. The scrumptious and babelicious look of Sonam Kapoor portrayed in her green attire is just like another world.

One can never lose the only chance they have to get their favourite gift from their partners on valentine eve, but finding the perfect dress is the biggest pain. A spaghetti crop top with the flawless full length skirt with danglers and a side bag can get you all you were dreaming of.
If this does not help, the other way is for a cut sleeve crop top with a mini skirt and your favourite stilettoes along with the sunglasses that will enhance the complete outlook of yours. So next time when you have to go for a valentine’s day with him you have the best way to look distinct in your attire.


This is one of the most vibrant festivals of India, where people are coloured in a variety of hues. But interestingly, the costumes we wear are often white. White is the most basic shade on which any style of top can be designed without losing the grace and elegance. So I feel why not to dress in a white crop top this Holi. I do not want to spoil my expensive clothes with colours neither I can miss to look sexy when I go out with friends so, the best thing to do is to cut down my old tee to make it fall above the waistline for an interesting theme.
Even you can try the style, theme it up with any of your old skirts or rugged denims to get every colour splashed on you. There are millions of options to turn your old pieces into the latest and most trendy crop tops.

One day or another, one will definitely get bored of wearing the same casual tee and distressed denims, we need something according to the latest fashion trend for an extraordinary day. High embellished top or an expensive one does not necessarily mean that a casual would be an elegant one. It just needs a pinch of styling with your top (suiting the body type) and the OOTD is all set to go. This can be achieved by ditching your T-Shirts for a while and going for a crop top exposing your midriff with the denim shorts and a nice pair of shoes or sneakers for the most appropriate looks. Keep your hair open and nicely wrap a scarf around your neck to get a fashionable look to steal all the attention. Put on a light make up and carry a handbag, then you are all ready to go.

Well the most awaited occasion for the end of the year is Christmas because it brings snow with it and thinking of wearing a crop top at that time is like day dreaming but you cannot skip your love for them. So all you can do is to go for a woollen crop jacket with a pair of trousers carried by high heels and a muffler around neck. With the fully covered body you can still manage to look extremely dazzling and stunning. Not to miss a blazer or coat and a cute cap over the crop top to save yourself from the chilling cold and a divine appearance. Now we have a solution to get a tempting and sensual design even at the time when dressing is not in our to-do list.

Tempting and fascinating attire is a must for every office going women because the way you dress up in office is the only key to success. If you look confident you will automatically demand respect from your subordinates and colleagues. The main thing to remember when you plan on wearing a crop top as your office wear is to maintain a level of elegance and decency. This type of appearance can be easily acquired by pairing a plain crop top, a linen blazer and a knee length skirt showing your thighs with the dazzling stilettos. A thin neckline and gracefully tied hair with a sleek wristwatch will make you fabulous, fantastic and spectacular. For a change you can go with the formal pants also that will look as appealing as a skirt.

A crop top is not only limited to flaunting a bared belly button, there are many ways of styling a crop top that shows only a pinch of your screen not the whole stomach. So if you are tired of finding the ultimate birthday dress for you, get a crop top that is showing off a hint of stomach and falling down till foot from the back to ameliorate your day. You can unite it with a pair of jeggings and pumps and never to forget the little lipstick for the best birthday pout pictures. Now birthday dress can never prove to be disappointing.
I know it is always a great fun to add vibrant shades of fashion of vogue to our lives and fashion online sites like really do them justice in a perfect way. For the upcoming spring season, there are myriad crop tops that match well with the latest fashion for women. Just take a look on some of the fashionable uppers that are eagerly waiting for your investments. 

Canopy Top has a magnificent neck.

Blue Hannah Top has a unique lace at the yoke and sleeves.

Red Clooney Top has frills at the front.

Weekend Top has distinct batwing sleeves.

Midsummer Top has an extremely fine partial lining.

Cheer Top has raw edges at the hem.

Spark Crop Top has an embellished interface.

Peru Top is high neck and sleeveless.

These are only 1% of the stock and if you yourself will browse the shopping websites, you will get a thousand things to beat someone else’s style statement. Crop tops will uplift your feminine beauty in an effortless manner, without caring for the complexion or the height.
So, follow what your heart says and wear what your comfort says!


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