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A month ago I saw a Facebook post about a few Indian women travelling together for an all girls trip to Leh Ladakh. I was so fascinated with the idea and before it could have slipped out of my mind, within 15 days I saw another post regarding a few more women who travelled overseas (I am unsure about the place but I think it was Europe). Wow… the first word that came to my mind, I mean I just cannot explain how does it feel when you come across such news or stories about the independence of women especially the married ones. I read both the posts in detail about the things they enjoyed, the places they visited, how they planned their itinerary and what stuff they took along. I felt so exhilarated that it is impossible for me to express my feelings in words. It was just spellbound, reading their experience made me feel as if I travelled with them. All those imaginations and dreams felt as if true. After reading the posts, I even joined a group online who plans women itineraries, I know it sounds a bit childish and funny… but it made me feel blissful and wanted to see whether I would even get a chance to travel one day or not? Back from the imaginations, the reality is it is not as hard as it seems to be if some had succeeded in it, hopefully, everyone can.

The idea behind sharing this fascinating case is when women go out for a vacation, what they really need along with them to make the utmost of their journey and to make it a lifetime experience. While travelling with family, there are a number of things she has to sacrifice for others, maybe she cannot take those backless dresses or more of heels, or probably her makeup palette is forgotten because she was in a hurry in packing the nappies of her child, or possibly the ladies handbags she wanted to carry along could not find space in the suitcase because of the husband's laptop. I can very well understand the situation about the women reading this, I know most of us have encountered such common issues, but still never complained or thought of making it next time. Unfortunately, the next time never comes, the size of the suitcases go smaller or bigger, the items in it get replaced every vacation, but somewhere or the other a few items of our choice get sacrificed for others and we keep smiling in the hope of our long awaited next time.

My dear Ladies, now there is no need to wait for the next vacation with family, the time is here. The latest in ladies handbags   and your favourite makeup palette of your choice can be taken along with you. Women vacations or trips are a living proof of the same, try and plan a fiesta with your best female friends and take along with you the latest and fashionable accessories  the trip to compensate for all the regrets you ever had.

Collecting handbags for women  can be defined as an art if you are truly aware of the latest trends and tips for its maintenance. There are some handbags online  which are forever friends to a woman while some come and go with the change in time.
There is a handbag for every need, occasion and for every woman. So why not a vacation? When you plan something with your female friends, you got to have the best of your collection, maybe some are there on the upper shelf of the closet for your easy access and a few may be under the bed or may be in an old shoe box. Now is the time, get all the stock out and match them with your dresses which you would be trying to your trip. Let me guide you to the best of the ladies handbags that could be accompanied by you, and do not forget to buy a new handbag online.

Now, while you plan the excursion, make sure you have these activities on your list and have a peculiar ladies handbag for a particular event.

       GO OUT TO HIKE THE TRAIL: - Plan out an early morning hiking with your best buddies. The early morning travel might feel like a workout, especially when you have gone to a relaxing weekend, but trust me, it is going to change the outlook of your life. Seeing the sunrise brings positivity and new hopes which bring you closer to the beauty of nature, I have experienced it and it is an awesome feeling. Hike through the trails to reach the top of the hill to have the amazing view. While hiking, you need to dress up sporty and comfortable keeping the stylish outlook intact. Do not forget to carry a HANDSOME BACKPACK for the exercise which you can rely on for your necessities, and just throw at the back keeping your hands free.

The hummer backpack is all set to be in the suitcase. A classic shade which would never let you fail in respect of style and comfort, tie-up at the front gives you an easy access and the zipper offers an extra space for the lip gloss and kohl to be used in an emergency (who knows you might get to meet some guys on the trail).

       SPEND A DAY ON THE BEACH: - Do plan a relaxing day on the beach to enjoy the sunbath in your favourite swimming costume, along with some fun filled frisbee and volleyball games. The vacation need not be only about what you explore and what you saw, it is all about the mental relaxation and I am sure the outdoor games and some relaxing and refreshing sun bath would serve the purpose. Give yourself some time over the beach bench with some orange juice and a fashion magazine, chit chat with your gang under the cool, shady umbrella tents and have all the fun you have thought of for the voyage. For a beach, ladies handbag again comes as a necessity while you need to put in your towel, the bikini and the after shower costume along with some other necessary stuff. For such purposes a trendy and vibrant TOTE BAG which is the best choice to swear upon.

The Orange Stalk by Shades bag is one of the ideal choices that one can have to a beach. The shade compliments the daytime, the shades reflect the sunshine and the sleek belts are for the comfort that will not leave your shoulders in pain.
       THE EVENING BARBECUE: - Love dates are special, talk about any woman irrespective of her age, would not deny this fact. Going out on a date with your beloved or your lover, gives an exhilarating feeling that cannot be expressed in words. (Don’t go to the other side, come on). But yes!!! On the other hand, when you go out with your female gang it is an altogether different experience as you are more chilled out and relaxed. Even a simple evening barbecue with them  is going to be a special affair and the most wonderful dinner date you are going to relish. Cooking on your own with the gang in tank tops and super sexy shorts or planning to go out to the nearby bar and grill, both the options have to be associated with the fashion statement handbags for women. Well, it is a bit difficult choice to make out of the wallet and clutches, generally, we speak up for these only right? That night can be dramatized differently, with an EMBELLISHED SLINGBAG. Sling bags can be an another example to be used for dinner date and evening barbecues which would not only glam up your LBD but also would be sleek to hold your money and makeup palette for the touch-ups. 

The Beige Maurier sling bag can be your date accompany for the night, the sleek look and the circular shape would create a unique look among the gang members. The Golden string is an add-on grace to the theme of beige and pockets inside keep the stuff organized for an easy access.

       SOME FUN RIDES: - Do you remember the last time you sat on the roller coaster or maybe the Ferris wheel, probably the bumper cars or the pendulum ride? Any one of these, I am sure you could have recalled all those fun rides, but the sad part is that you must be waiting outside the ride for your kids to come or could be clicking their photographs as they enjoy the ride. The time has come my dear… this time, you need not wait outside for someone else, you have the full freedom to stand in a queue to get the tickets for yourself and enjoy the amazing views of the city from the top of the ride. A fun ride is an extra fun deal to the trip. So Scream out loud, open the arms and enjoy the fun with all the courage you got and do not let the child inside you die. The ladies handbag that would get along with the rides would be a CLASSIC SHOULDER BAG.

The Cream Hope bag is an ideal choice to be made for that day, the single grab handle and the shoulder belt will keep you stay comfortable while in the queue or on the ride. Just put it across the torso and enjoy the rides. Cream shade is all sexy and chic for the hot days to be teamed up with a denim and floral top for a cool and trendy outlook.

So, ladies get ready for the outing, gather the gang members, plan the itinerary and set your suitcases and do not forget to buy a new handbag online for the new expedition.


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