Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shower your skin with care this monsoon!!

 Hey gals,today I'll be reviewing  Kaya Skin Clinic's Hydra Surge 3600 range. I have used these products for over 2 weeks,and I must say I am absolutely in love with these.

  Here's a brief introduction about this range:

Kaya Skin Clinic’s Hydra Surge 3600 range is specially formulated to give your skin the hydrating care it needs  to fight away the dryness and sensitivity. The products replenish your NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and restore your skin’s natural moisture balance, while providing it with soothing, anti-irritant care. This special skincare range combines the best of moisturizing ingredients with the skin-soothing extract of White Lily, which is grown organically in Switzerland and is known for its anti-inflammatory property that is suited for sensitive skin.

The Hydra Surge 3600 range comprises of : Balancing Cleansing Gel and Rebalancing Mist.

 Balancing Cleansing Gel
     Balancing Cleansing Gel is an instantly refreshing mild cleanser which effectively cleanses dry and sensitive skin. The ingredients mentioned are White Lily, Vitamin B5 and Phospholipid,which is supposed to maintain the skins moisture and nourish it.

    It comes in a handy container,with a dispensing pump,which makes it easier to use.Its in a clear gel form. One wash,and  you already notice a difference on your face. One of the best cleansers I'v come across I would say.Made my skin clean,refreshed and soft. It also removed my waterproof mascara & kajal!

Price: Rs.450 for 100ml
I would rate it 4.5/5

Rebalancing Mist

    Rebalancing Mist is a  non-alcoholic toner. The ingredients mentioned are White Lily, Cucumber and  Witch Hazel. 

     The mist also comes in a handy bottle with dispensing pump,you can directly spray it on your face or you can pump it into your palm and apply on your face.
I prefer spraying directly on my face. You feel instantly refreshed :) The best thing about it is that its non-alcoholic, you might be aware that alcohol makes your skin dry. The rebalancing mist is of my must haves now! I just spray few spritz on my face,and my skin feels so fresh!

Price: Rs.450 for 100ml
I would rate it 4/5

    I have been using these two products for sometime now,I would totally recommend to you gals.Do try them & let me know your reviews :)


     Kaya is offering its customers exclusive aqua services - Aqua Fairness Luxe and Acne Free with Aqua-therapy packages, at an exciting discount of up to 50% .

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    What are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest Kaya Skin Clinic or Kaya Skin Bar, to know just why August deserves to be the month worth waiting for!

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