Monday, 24 April 2017

Mom-Jeans,Vodka and Stilettos

Once considered unfashionable & unflattering, mom-jeans are all the rage now! I couldn’t be happier! because there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of mom-jeans!

I, like many of you, was hesitant to try on these pants.I mean who wants to go out in a pair of baggy ,ill-fitting pants right!?! Well, I proved myself wrong when I tried on a pair,and couldn’t stop admiring myself in the mirror. I agree that they make my behind look flatter,but who cares!

Styling mom-jeans is quite simple-just pair it with your favourite t-shirt or a dressy top. Sneakers & stilettos, both works well with these jeans.

This graphic t-shirt I am wearing today is from Printoctopus, an online store selling customized merchandise. T-shirt for Men and Women,phone covers, posters,canvas prints,mouse pads -anything can be customized as per your choice.

I chose to wear stilettos instead of sneakers & added these silver drop earrings to complete my look.


So are you ready to embrace mom jeans? Comment below! 

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