Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Trending now:Feather Extensions & Flare Jeans

        The feather extensions & flared jeans are really hot right now.They are hippie,trendy & funky.

Feather Extensions:

      These are basically hair extensions but with a difference. The extensions are feathers ! They are added to our hair just like the regular extensions. They are really fun & unique.

Check 'em out: 

Flared Jeans:
     Flared jeans are back with a bang ! They are reminiscent of the bell-bottoms of the 70s. They can be paired with any outfits. But will flare take over skinny jeans ?!! Aww I ♥ my skinny jeans :( , but flare is a change from the monotonous skinny jeans everyone is sporting now.

Check 'em out: 

Have you tried them yet?? Comment below....

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Trending now:Long floor length skirts/Maxi skirts.

        Long skirts are the latest fad right now ! I have seen many gals rocking this trend !
Its really fun & flirty & romantic !
       Team it up with a plain white tshirt, put on a bright colored jacket & you are good to go.Complete the look with a pair of high heeled sandals.

       I'm really in love with these skirts.But I don't think I can carry it off because of my short height :'(  

Anyways take a look at some of these hot skirts:

  What do you think??Can you carry off these long skirts??Do comment below..

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